Make your recuitment more reliable without impacting your candidate experience

Discover a new way to find the ideal candidate by offering a fun way to test their soft skills. 

Make your recruitment more reliable

An error in recruitment is estimated at €30,000 and can even rise to €150,000. So why take the risk of making a mistake?

Compare the soft skills of different candidates to find out the ideal candidate who will fit the best into your teams and your corporate culture.

They trust us

Gamify your assessments

Finding the ideal candidate often involves multiplying recruitment stages and tests. Each effort required from candidates is an additionnal risk that they will leave the process. 

Gamify your assessments will allow you to odentify the best talents without taking the risk of them fleeing your process.


Their experience matters to us

Téléchargez le cas d’usage Adecco

Skilleo collabore depuis 4 ans avec le Groupe Adecco, leader du recrutement et de l’interim en France.

Découvrez pourquoi et comment le Groupe Adecco à fait appel à Skilleo, quels ont été les résultats et témoignages de leurs équipes.

Deliver the best
candidate experience.

What if… you offer them a game instead ?