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The candidate experience
is the best lever for attracting and engaging talent

80% of candidates think that the application experience is a good indicator of how a company treats its employees.

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Mastering the candidate experience to attract talent

Year after year, recruitment becomes more and more difficult, and we have to be even more inventive to attract talent.

On the other hand, gamification and gamers
represent a larger proportion of the population generation after

We are convinced that the recruitment experience is one of the key levers for attracting and engaging talent. Studies on the subject seem to be proving us right.

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Gamify recruitment to meet talent expectations

Video games have been around since the 1950s, and have become increasingly popular ever since. It has gone from being a hobby for enthusiasts, with an average of 50% of Gen Xers playing, to over 90% of Gen Zers!

Welcome to the gamer generation, which has turned video games from a leisure activity into the world’s 1st cultural industry!

Gamification is therefore an effective way of attracting a generation of gamers and responding to tensions in the recruitment market.

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