Our commitments

Ethical, reliable and transparent recruitment solution

Skilleo makes it a point to put technology at the service of the common good in order to reduce inequality and discrimination in recruitment.

That’s why we are proud of our commitments and our social and societal impact.


All  games available through our solutions are designed to be usable to everyone.


To ensure that all candidates are assessed fairly, we have put a few rules in place:


Our solutions require no additional effort.

No software installation or configuration is required.


Our analyses and results are based on two years of research into methods for identifying and measuring soft skills in video games.


We are aware that our solutions and its results guide important decisions for recruiters and for candidates.


We believe that transparency ensures the readability and reliability of our methodology.


At Skilleo we may be required to process sensitive personal data, which is why all candidate data is confidential, and is only shared with the company for which the candidates have agreed to take the test.


We place the candidate experience at the center of our concerns.

We’re convinced that it’s one of the key levers for attracting and engaging candidates.