The combinaison of science
and video games.

Our methodology is based on a strict scientific protocols established with cognitive science laboratories such as CeRCA (Centre de Recherche sur la Cognition et l’Apprentissage), guaranteeing the accuracy of our assessments.

A strict protocol

Skilleo’s R&D teams worked for 2 years with CeRCA to create a scientific protocol for fundamental research.

We use video games to put skills and associated cognitive functions into motion. Our games adapt mechanics from cognitive psychology.

Each new game is then subjected to an R&D phase based on this protocol, in order to identify and measure the skills mobilized by candidates during their games.

Our research partners

Why use video games?

Using video games allows us to measure skills directly, rather than the candidate’s view of those skills, as is the case with declarative tests.

In this respect, gaming surpasses traditional selection methods for predicting job performance, and several studies confirm this, including the famous Schmidt study (1998) and its update in 2021 by Sackett and Zhang.

Finally, the addition of game elements to assessments makes them more difficult to decipher, as intentions and behaviors are assessed indirectly and it is less obvious for candidates to simulate their reactions.

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